The right choice
for the modern author.

The problem - Publishers don’t sell books, Platforms do.
 NEWTYPE is writing a new chapter in publishing, one where authors win but aren’t alone.



It’s your work, your story, and hours of your life poured into the pages of a book—why should a corporate entity own it forever? Hold on to your rights and all the other ancillary rights that big publishers want to take. NEWTYPE believes in keeping rights where they belong—with the author.


Some authors will say a Big 5 Publishing contract gives you credibility and notoriety. And that’s just what they want you to think as you sign your rights away and they line their pockets to afford skyscraper offices.


NEWTYPE removes the cryptic curtain of secret publishing costs and brings a dose of transparency to the table maximizing author royalties on each book sale and minimizing upfront costs with an opportunity to double your royalty than with a big publishing house. NEWTYPE offers a 75% of NET royalty and rock bottom buy-back prices. NEWTYPE puts more cash in pocket to help market your book.

You might get an advance, which is merely a carrot to get you to sign your rights away. You might not. But you will get, an industry average of a 10% royalty (of retail price) paired with a very expensive buy-back price to purchase copies of your very own book at an industry average of 25% of retail cost.


NEWTYPE arms a Manhattan based sales team to push your book to all the major National Book Retailers, chain accounts and more than 5,000 Independent accounts. Led by the former head of Sales of Simon & Schuster, our team fights for store placement.

Publishers don’t market your book, your platform does. In the modern day of social media, and with 600,000 titles coming out per year, anyone’s claim to be able to market the DNA of your brand who is not close to your story, is hardly believable or effective. The most effective marketing will be the most authentic marketing in such a highly competitive space. And that starts with you.


Most traditional publishers take anywhere from 12-24 months to get a book out. NEWTYPE’s standard publishing model only needs 6 months to accommodate the budget cycles of the retail industry. Need something sooner? No problem.

From the time you submit your manuscript, most traditional publishers take anywhere from 12-24 months to get a book out--with the industry average being 18 months.